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ASA 103

Basic Coastal Cruising

ASA 103 - Basic Coastal Cruising

A three day class where a certified student will be able to safely cruise in area waters as both skipper and crew on a sailboat with auxiliary power in moderate winds and sea conditions. Prerequisite is Basic Keelboat Sailing certification.


Sailing Knowledge 

List all federal equipment requirements and ASA recommended safety equipment.
Know how to stow gear properly and securely.

Identify parts of a larger sailboat and know their functions.
Utilize safety equipment.
Know proper fueling procedures.
Know placement and use of navigational lights.
Gain familiarity with fog signals (or at any time of reduced visibility).
Demonstrate basic navigational knowledge of NOAA nautical charts.
Know proper sail combinations for given wind and sea conditions.
Describe anchorage selection and anchoring technique.
Differentiate responsibilities of skipper and crew.
Describe appropriate remedial actions for various emergency situations.
Demonstrate expanded knowledge of basic sailing knots.

Sailing Skills 

Execute checklist of all gear to include standing and running rigging.
Start and stop auxiliary power properly.
Execute basic maneuvers under power i.e. backing to a dock, bow to, starboard side to, port side to.
Execute man overboard drill.
Properly anchor in a selected site.
Sail a proper compass heading for a pre-designated time.
Act as helmsman/skipper and crew on a sailboat by using proper commands and responses while sailing upwind and downwind, tacking, jibing, and trimming to all points of sail.
Demonstrate reefing while heaving to.
Dock at an unfamiliar marina with proper spring lines and fenders.
Tie seven basic knots within a specified time.

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