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Sunset Sailboats

ASA 104

Bareboat Charering

ASA 104 - Bareboat Chartering

An advanced cruising standard for individuals with cruising experience. A certified student can act as skipper or crew of boat 30 ft or larger sailing by day in coastal waters. A thorough knowledge of boat systems and their maintenance is included.


Sailing Knowledge 

Discuss itinerary for longer cruises, including fuel capacity, water capacity, provisions, spare parts, safety equipment, underway maintenance and first aid.  Resolution of various engine problems.  Identify, predict and describe land breeze, sea breeze, and conditions conducive to fog.  Describe methods of retrieving an overboard person.  Describe methods of rafting at anchor.  Know proper method of launching a dinghy.  Know proper operating procedures of a marine head as well as laws regulating discharge.

Sailing Skills 

Perform routine maintenance on engine.
Locate and ensure proper state of all safety equipment.
Apply 72 Collision Regulations for safe navigation.
Ensure all boat systems are in working order.
Maneuver boat under power in a limited area.
Demonstrate proper launching and towing of a dinghy.
Demonstrate 2 man overboard procedures.
Read a nautical chart and identify features listed.
Sail a compass heading.
Plot a course and determine compass headings.
Demonstrate use of dead reckoning and triangulation.
Demonstrate proper use of marine radio.
Obtain NOAA marine weather forecast.
Demonstrate ability to set two anchors.
Determine depth using a chart and a means other than a depth meter.
Act as skipper and crew on cruise of 25 to 30 miles.

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