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Basic Keelboat Sailing (ASA 101)

A three day class consisting of approximately six hours a day on the water and one hour on academics, nomenclature, knots, etc. each day. Our certified students will be able to sail a boat in light to moderate winds and sea conditions in familiar waters without supervision. This class is a preparatory standard with no auxiliary power or navigational skills required. Successful completion earns the student a National Safe Boating Certificate approved by NASBLA and the US Coast Guard.


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Sailing Knowledge and Skills Gained:


Identify all basic parts of a sailboat and their functions.


Act as helmsman/skipper and crew on a sailboat by using proper commands and responses while sailing upwind and downwind, tacking, jibing, and trimming to all points of sail.

Recognize points of sail and know terms on a standard sailboat.

Lower, flake (fold), and stow sails in a proper manner.

Apply the International and Inland Navigational Rules for prevention of collision at sea.

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Execute a figure eight man overboard drill.

Identify channel markers, buoys, and shoal markers.

Know basic sailing knots.

Select and properly use personal floatation devices and clothing for various weather conditions.

Safely and securely dock a sailboat.


Hoist sails, proper placement of main sail traveler and jib leads.