Why was Floridaze Sailing selected as 2009's American Sailing Association School of the Year?

Simple -- Floridaze Sailing is better than the rest. The ASA independently and confidentially surveys former students from all their schools and selects the best schools and instructors based solely on students feedback.

Our instructors make the difference: Instructors that are professional sailors as well as skilled teachers

Our instructors are sailing experts. While other schools hire teachers who have only been sailing for a few years in their spare time, our instructors are avid sailboat racers and adventurers. Our instructors have crossed oceans, spent time down-island, and made every mistake - large or small - that can be made sailing a boat. For Floridaze, sailing is our passion, not an idle hobby or part-time pursuit. Our students benefit from our extensive knowledge base and experience.

In addition to our expert knowledge, our instructors are gifted in teaching sailing, not just in doing it themselves. Our primary instructor Capt. Bob Patroni has more than 20 years of experience teaching college as wll more than ten years of experience instructing students to sail.. At Floridaze, our focus is on communication, and we pride ourselves on employing the best sailor-teachers.

Quality, not volume

By staying small and running only a few boats, we are able to ensure that every student that goes through our school gets the best instruction.

Meeting specific needs is what we do.

Whether you're interested in becoming a serious sailboat racer or learning to sail well enough to go somewhere exotic and charter a boat, or if you just want to learn the basics in a no-pressure situation, Floridaze can accommodate your needs. We cater to individuals, couples, families and small groups. We do not combine separate students or groups into one clas, as other schools do. When you book a class with Floridaze, you get our full attention and resources.

We have the most fun

In sailboat racing, winning the party isn't as important as winning the race, but it is a close second. Our philosophy at Floridaze is that sailing should be fun, adventurous, and life-affirming.

Have specific dates in mind?

While Foridaze has stayed small to maintain quality, the downside is that once we fill up a particular date, we are unable to accommodate more students. To find out if a certain date is available, call Capt. Bob directly at (850) 221-2895.